Service Leavers

AquaGas Training is proud to be able to help Service men and women leaving the forces to re-train for successful civilian employment.

To enable us to meet your diverse needs all of our courses may be booked in special combinations to suit individual requirements.

Our Directors are both from a UK Military background, and, as such our resettlement programmes have been designed to satisfy the requirements of Service leavers in terms of a successful transition from a military life to a civilian life, and are delivered in a manner in which respects your experience as well as anticipating some of the issues that you may be managing.

All of our programmes will allow SL’s to attain skills and/or qualifications that are relevant to your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and are delivered with view to improving your employability.

AquaGas Training UK Ltd, currently, does not meet the criteria as specified by the Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service (ELCAS) so unfortunately, we cannot provide our courses through the ELCAS scheme.

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