LPG Elements

AquaGas Training are pleased to offer the following LPG courses:

  • CONGLP 1 / PD – Changeover Core for Natural gas to Domestic LPG – Permanent Dwellings
  • CoNGLP 1 / RPH – Residential Park Homes
  • CoNGLP 1 / LAV – Leisure & Accommodation Vehicles
  • HTRLP2 – Closed Flue Fires
  • 1B – Boats
  • LPG / CMC – Commercial Mobile Catering Assessment

The majority of engineers who wish to work on LPG also work with natural gas. Rather than re-sit assessments they choose to take the generic changeover assessment following successful completion of natural gas assessments which provides them with certificates of competency for both types of gas installed within buildings and for appliances installed in boats and caravans. For appliances that are only available for LPG gas or for work with storage vessels, additional assessments are required.


Pre-requisite to this assessment – Before this assessment may be undertaken the operative must hold any one of the following: CCN 1, COCN 1, CCCN 1, COCNPILS 1 CESP 1

This Gas Safety Assessment covers the following topics:-

  • Cylinder location
  • Safety requirements
  • Sizing for single controls
  • LPG supply Pressure
  • Operation of and positioning emergency isolation
  • Flow controls and valves
  • Gas emergency actions and procedures
  • Installation of pipework and fittings relating to LPG
  • Test for tightness
  • Checking system pressures
  • Regulators
  • Under Pressure and Over Pressure Valves
  • Ventilation relating to LPG
HTRLP 2 Closed Flue Fires
Qualification Details:

This Gas Safety Assessment is designed to test the gas safety competence of an operative in the work of install, exchange, disconnect, services, repair, breakdown and commission closed flued liquefied petroleum gas fires.


Candidates must hold the LPG/PD and LAV. The courses covers the appliances of closed flued gas fires (radiant/convector), across the “Widney Leisure” range of gas fires. The candidate will undergo both written and practical assessment.

1B Boats
Qualification Details:

This Core Gas Safety Assessment covers the competencies required to cover all Liquid Petroleum Gas fittings in Boats, Yachts & other Vessels. It is designed to test the liquefied petroleum gas competencies for boats, yachts & other vessels by practical, knowledge and understanding assessment.


This is not a standalone and must be used in conjunction with the Generic Domestic LPG Core or Changeover to LPG (CONGLP PD). The candidate will undergo both written and practical assessment.

Qualification Details:

This course tests gas safety competencies in all common areas of mobile catering (LPG).


Any operatives undertaking these assessments must hold an appropriate core gas safety qualification or relevant changeover qualification, in addition to the appropriate commercial gas catering and LPG qualifications – CCCN1 + appropriate COMCAT(s) + appropriate LPG assessments.

On the day of training you will need to bring with you:

  • 2x passport sized photographs
  • Original copies of expired/expiring ACS qualifications

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